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Kerizma  Branding 's avatar

Kerizma Branding

United States

The Brand Devlopment & Investment Management Firm

Recommended 1x
Alexa Quinn Madrid's avatar
Top Independent

Alexa Quinn Madrid

New York, NY, USA

Interdisciplinary Artist

Recommended 2x
Phill Lucero's avatar

Phill Lucero

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Designing music experiences that move people.

Recommended 3x
Matt Brooks's avatar

Matt Brooks

Berlin, Germany

Operations + Scaling for Music Tech & Startups

Recommended 9x
Andrew King's avatar
Top Independent

Andrew King


Remote Podcast Production. Audio, Video, Clips.

Cecilia Reusch's avatar

Cecilia Reusch

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Your brand BFF content creator & podcast hostπŸŽ™

Cristofer Moreno's avatar

Cristofer Moreno


Pro Sound Designer and Producer

Recommended 1x
Charl Fouche's avatar

Charl Fouche

New Zealand

Audio & Video Specialist, Post-Production Editor

Recommended 1x
Sebastian Jautschus's avatar

Sebastian Jautschus

Berlin, Germany

Create Unique & Memorable Podcasts

Mia Kotalik's avatar

Mia Kotalik

Boston, MA, USA

Creative Tech Solutions for Your Brand

Recommended 2x
Candice Nelms's avatar

Candice Nelms

Savannah, GA, USA

Creative Producer

Alfred Osei's avatar

Alfred Osei


Dual expertise: UI Design & Music Production

Kartik Sudhera's avatar

Kartik Sudhera

Gurugram, Haryana, India

Multi-Talented Creative Kid.

Charanjeev Singh's avatar

Charanjeev Singh

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Capturing brands with my lens

Paritosh Paghdal's avatar
Top Independent

Paritosh Paghdal


Artist Approaching Clients Needs

Avi  Patel's avatar

Avi Patel

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Creating music that captivates 🎡

Recommended 5x
Rayan V ✦'s avatar

Rayan V ✦


Video Editor & Storyteller | Podcast Production

Recommended 3x
Macy Berendsen's avatar
Top Independent

Macy Berendsen

St Paul, MN, USA

Writer, editor, podcaster

Recommended 2x
Nancy Ogbonna's avatar

Nancy Ogbonna

United States

SEO writer | Medical Writer | Health Practitioner

Kevin Kembo-Gidel's avatar

Kevin Kembo-Gidel


SMM ✘ Admin Asst ✘ TRL ✘ MuPro

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