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J.T. O'Donnell's avatar
Top Independent

J.T. O'Donnell

Boston, MA, USA

CEO of WorkItDaily.com

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Dana Alsamsam's avatar
Top Independent

Dana Alsamsam

Boston, MA, USA

I help authors bring their visions to life! ✨

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Lindsay Hanson's avatar
Top Independent

Lindsay Hanson

Boston, MA, USA

I help you grow your business using social media

Jennifer Pavlick's avatar

Jennifer Pavlick

Boston, MA, USA

Let's make your content shine

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Katie Naum's avatar

Katie Naum

Boston, MA, USA

Web & Graphic Designer

Michael Bernard's avatar

Michael Bernard

Boston, MA, USA

Video Storyteller

Tamia Nambi's avatar

Tamia Nambi

Boston, MA, USA

Creative Web Designer & Video Editor

Tara Orkofsky's avatar

Tara Orkofsky

Boston, MA, USA

Capturing moments, one click at a time

Joey Darwish's avatar

Joey Darwish

Boston, MA, USA

Visual storyteller for brands

Celia Jinie's avatar

Celia Jinie

Boston, MA, USA

Empowering brands with visual allure 🚀

Jillian O'Brien's avatar

Jillian O'Brien

Boston, MA, USA

Creative wordsmith crafting captivating copy

Mia Kotalik's avatar

Mia Kotalik

Boston, MA, USA

Creative Tech Solutions for Your Brand

Rolando Rodriguez's avatar

Rolando Rodriguez

Boston, MA, USA

Designing product solutions to maximize success 🚀

Blake Velasquez's avatar

Blake Velasquez

Boston, MA, USA

Lyricist for Pop, Latin, Rock, Dance & Rap

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Chanel Adams's avatar

Chanel Adams

Boston, MA, USA

Freelance Writer for B2B Retail + Ecommerce Tech

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Erin Kelley's avatar

Erin Kelley

Boston, MA, USA

Blog Writing & Research, & UGC Content Creator

Michaela Marie's avatar

Michaela Marie

Boston, MA, USA

Minimalist Brand Identity Design

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Matt Olszewski's avatar

Matt Olszewski

Boston, MA, USA

Content/Blog Writer for Healthcare clients

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