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    What is Spline?

    Spline is a web-based 3D design software used to create interactive 3D experiences in the browser. Designers can collaborate in real-time to easily create and publish 3D web experiences. Learn more here:


    Spline - 3D Design tool in the browser with real-time collabora…

    Spline is a free 3D design software with real-time collaboration to create web interactive experiences in the browser. Easy 3d modeling, animation, textures, a…

    What is Contra’s expert program?

    Contra’s expert program partners with companies to establish Independents that are experts in specific tools and skills. Those recognized as an expert are listed on both the partner company and Contra’s expert pages and receive an expert badge on Contra. Being showcased on the expert pages and having a badge helps you stand out and increases your chances of being discovered by a client.

    What is the Spline Experts Program?

    Spline Experts are verified freelancers, studios, and agencies that can help create high-quality 3D designs for your next project. The program gives top Spline 3D designers the opportunity to stand out from the crowd with “Spline Expert” badge features on their profile, and allows Clients to find top Spline 3D designers all in one place. You can see all current Spline experts here.

    How do I become a Spline Expert?

    To become a Spline expert, you must submit your Contra profile URL to the Spline team for verification here. Your Contra profile will need to feature two Spline project examples which demonstrate original 3D composition and mastery of key features.The Spline team will review your submission, and if verified, you’ll receive a Spline expert badge on Contra.

    What happens after I apply?

    The Spline team will personally review all submitted profiles to make sure they are truly Spline experts. Once expert status is verified, the Contra team will add the badge to make it official, and your profile will appear on the Spline Experts page!

    What are the benefits for becoming a Spline Expert?

    New leads

    When clients come to Contra to hire 3D designers, our Spline Experts will be the first people we match to the job and recommend to the client!


    Getting the Spline Expert badge is essentially a stamp of approval from the Spline team letting potential clients know you are a skilled 3D designer — how cool is that?

    Boosted in search

    Spline experts will be boosted in our Discover feed when clients are searching for their skills!

    Can I see some examples of Spline Expert projects?

    Here are some of our favorite Spline projects on Contra:


    Interactive nostalgia: Gameboy with Spline by Axel Oliva

    🎮 Relive the nostalgia of the Game Boy era with this interactive 3D model! Press A, B, S, L, Enter, and arrow keys, and watch as it reacts in real-time!

    Interactive 3D art by Alex R. Cervera

    Since 2021 I’m using Blender & Spline to craft interactive models & motion optimized for the modern web.

    Have more questions?

    Read through the official program page, or reach out to hello@contra.com






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