Contra Brand & Product Redesign 2023

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    The Contra design team did a complete brand and product design refresh in January 2023. This is the first time Contra revisited our core branding and design system since 2019.

    The Spark ✨

    The Contra team had learned a lot about our product market fit in 4 years and needed a design refresh to reflect that. We aimed to evolve the brand to be more sophisticated for the independent side, and for the first time intentionally set up a brand system for the client side too.

    The Stats 💯

    Timeline: 10 days

    Team: 3 brand designers, 5 product designers, and 3 independent freelance partners (including 1 3d designer and 2 animation designers)

    Deliverables: A complete brand and product design refresh including new brand guidelines, a new design library, and a redesigned product across all screens. Check out our homepage to see the redesign in action.

    The Outcome 🚀

    This was a huge undertaking that the design team felt really passionate about. Everyone self-assigned areas of ownership and leveled up in terms of holding Contra to an even higher standard.

    Now Contra is in a place where we’re really set up for success as we focus on growth initiatives for both sides of the marketplace. Our brand design, product design, and engineering teams are all aligned with a cohesive design library that allows us to be more consistent, move faster, and generally just focus on building.

    We’re utilizing our new brand design library as we scale our programmatic SEO strategy, prepare for upcoming launches, and work with new agency partners. We’re utilizing our new product design library as we add new network and hiring features. The work we accomplished in this 10-day sprint allows our team to build faster, with a consistent framework. This is just the beginning — the best is yet to come.


    Explore More Success Stories on Contra 🤝

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