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Samantha Taylor
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We believe in the ability to work flexibly, aka: you are able to choose how you work and when you get paid. Today, this guide will go over a few different ways you can utilize tools on Contra to make this happen!

Flexible Projects

You can now create flexible projects that work for both you and your Client. New project types include; milestone-based projects and recurring projects.

1. Using Milestone Projects

Milestone-based projectsIndependents, get paid as you meet certain milestones, checkpoints, or phases within a project's lifecycle. Clients, pay the Independent you’re working with as they meet different checkpoints within a project's lifecycle.

To learn more about Milestones, check out our guide here!

2. Using Recurring Projects

Recurring projectsIndependents, Get paid on a recurring basis, whether that is weekly or monthly. Clients, manage your independent relationships more efficiently by setting up a recurring weekly or monthly project.

To kick off a project → Head to the projects page, click on ‘Create Proposal’, invite your client or your independent, and get started. 🚀

3. Using One-Time Payments

One-Time payments → are as straight-forward as they seem. In this case, you are able to pay your collaborator in one payment (flat fee, or hourly fee).

Independents get paid for one time projects, whether that is a flat fee or and hourly fee. Clients, pay Independents a flat fee or an hourly fee. You also have the option to send an upfront payment to kickoff your work together. This is a great way to make sure both parties are safe before beginning your work!

4. Hourly ongoing projects

Hourly ongoing projectsIndependents get paid on an ongoing basis, based on their submitted hours, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or at the end of the month. Clients manage ongoing projects where independents are working on an hourly basis.

To kick off a project → Head to the projects page, click on “+ Send Proposal”, invite your client or independent, and get started! 🚀

That's it! You're all set to kickstart your projects in a new, flexible way. Learn more about how to build your Contra profile and get paid commission-free. 🚀

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